5 and 6 December 2020
What is 'Design' according to SUTD
Nurturing design innovators: Our Undergraduate Programme
  5 December


Degree Programmes: Conversations with Faculty, Industry Leaders and Alumni

10AM to 10.45AM  Engineering Product Development (EPD)

11AM to 11.45AM  Engineering Systems and Design (ESD)

1PM to 1.45PM  Architecture and Sustainable Design (ASD)

2PM to 2.45PM  Information Systems Technology and Design (ISTD)

3PM to 3.45PM  Design and Artificial Intelligence (DAI)

Admissions, Scholarships, and Financials

4PM to 4.45PM  Sharing by Office of Admissions on Applications, Scholarships and Financial Matters

  6 December


Special Programmes: Conversations with Programme Directors and Students

1PM to 1.45PM  SUTD Researchers: SUTD Honours and Research Programme (SHARP)

2PM to 2.45PM  SUTD Clinicians: SUTD-Duke-NUS Special Track

3PM to 3.45PM  SUTD Technopreneurs: SUTD Technology Entrepreneurship Programme (STEP)

Kopi Talks with SUTDents

4PM to 4.45PM  Sharing and AMA by SUTDents on student life


1-on-1 chats with SUTDents

Special Programmes
On top of Majors, you can also choose to pursue Special Programmes and/or Minors.
While others dream of the future,

MoBlocks, created by a group of students from ASD, EPD, ESD and ISTD, is an interactive toy building blocks system that combines benefits of physical play with the alluring fun of video games.

As part of HDB’s 60th Anniversary ‘Designing for Life’ exhibition, our ASD students designed “Polder Island”, a future community that tackles issues of rising sea levels.

*Find us under the ‘Design Your Plot’ tab.

A team of students from the ESD and ISTD programmes built QURIE – an AI-augmented platform that can analyse samples for potential tumours and generate reports 6 times faster than a human researcher.

Discover your power of Design
Top emerging engineering school worldwide

*Source: 'The global state of the art in engineering education', a study commissioned by MIT.

More than 1,000 internship partners

1 in 4 receive return offers after internship

94% employed within 6 months of graduation. Highest starting salary of S$4,071

Source: 2018 Joint Graduate Employment Survey by Singapore's AUs

5th most influential scientific research institution in telecommunications

Source: Clarivate Analytics' 2017 State of Innovation Report

Collaborative, interactive and hands-on learning
90% of curriculum was developed by MIT
100% get to do research right from day 1
40% female student cohort
100% have overseas exposure opportunities
100% bond-free scholarships

>100 with funded overseas exposure